We Will Control All That you See and HearCaptain Edwards is forced to take a desperate gambit to uncover the mystery behind the group known only as The Sword of Romulus. With Starfleet pushed ever closer to the brink of war, Edwards must journey to the heart of the conspiracy to uncover the truth. What they discover will change the face of the Federation forever in the final climatic installment of the Sword of Romulus trilogy…
We Will Control All That you See and Hear


Captain Paul Edwards (Tim Renshaw), Commander Darius Locke (Stephen Perkins), Lt. Commander Thomas Plummer (Brian Bonner), Lt. Commander McGuire (Patrick McCray), Lt. Commander Kyle Wilson (Gabriel Diani), Lt. Stephen Knight (Scott Martineck), Ensign Susan Palmer (Etta Devine), Kelly Natukov (Tiffany Tallent), Ensign Peter Gilmore (Jim Manikas), Ships Computer Voice (Cheralyn Lambeth), 1st Assistant – Daniel McFarlan (John Mardini), 2nd Assistant – Catherine Thomas (Kaitlin Bresee), Lt. Francis Hobbs – USS Archer (Tom Wallen), Lt. Sherron Jones – USS Archer (Dani Scott) Cassandra (Michaelan Moore), Main Assistant – William Coats (Scott Martineck) and Doctor Montague Clairmont (Patrick McCray).


Admiral Miles Rowan (Daniel Roebuck), Captain Lucy Merrick – USS Archer (Spice Williams-Crosby), T’Pauk (Celeste Yarnall), Station Engineer – Lt. Commander Mark Dolding (Larry Nemecek), Captain Richard Musaki – USS Indianapolis – (Evan English) and Commander Alex Miller – USS Archer (Mark Allen Shepherd).


AUTHOR: David Raines
DIRECTORS: Sebastian Prooth and Patrick McCray
SOUND DESIGN: Andy Tyrer with additonal editing by Tom Cook
ARTWORK: Andy Tyrer
MUSIC: Andy Tyrer, Don Davies, Dennis McCarthy, Bryan Tyler, John Debney,
Jay Chattaway, Alexander Courage and Michael Giacchino
DURATION: 1 hour
RELEASE DATE: 31st January 2010


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