bestof2008_fanStar Trek: The Continuing Mission is an independent audio series created by Sebastian Prooth and Andy Tyrer. The show broke new ground with a globally spread cast and crew and numerous actors from the Star Trek TV series guest starring. Patrick McCray, who portrays Chief Engineer McGuire, a theatre director from Knoxville, Tennesee, was tapped as an additional Executive Producer of the series.

Continuing Mission follows the adventures of the USS Montana under the command of Starfleet veteran, Captain Paul Edwards. During the pilot episode the Montana is flung from its native time period of the 23rd century into the 24th and unable to get back. The crew, feeling a century out of date, choose to continue the one thing that is familiar, their Starfleet mission.

Seven episodes of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission were released between December 25th 2007 and August 27th 2011. The series received critical acclaim at launch from and was later named “Audio Drama of the Year 2008” by

After a long hiatus Sebastian Prooth and Patrick McCray are reenergizing the series with another episode entitled “Cathedral in the Void”