Command DecisionThe crew of the Starship Montana fight to uncover the truth behind the terrorist group known as the Sword of Romulus, while Captain Edwards confronts his inner demons regarding the death of Lt. Natukov in an all new adventure of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission.
Command Decision


Captain Paul Edwards (Tim Renshaw), Commander Darius Locke (Stephen Perkins), Lt. Commander Thomas Plummer (Brian Bonner), Lt. Commander McGuire (Patrick McCray), Lt. Commander Kyle Wilson (Gabriel Diani), Lt. Stephen Knight (Scott Martineck), Ensign Susan Palmer (Etta Devine), Constable Delyna (John Mayer), Lt. Peter Gilmore (Jim Manikas), Engineer Nick Michaels (Craig Clayton), Ships Computer Voice (Cheralyn Lambeth), Abdiel (Guy Vardaman).


AUTHOR: David Raines
DIRECTORS: Sebastian Prooth and Patrick McCray
SOUND DESIGN: Andy Tyrer, Tim Renshaw and Tom Cook
ARTWORK: Andy Tyrer
MUSIC: Dennis McCarthy, Cliff Eidelman, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith and Andy Tyrer
DURATION: 47 Minutes
RELEASE DATE: 20th June 2009


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