HP Lovecraft, the father of modern horror, consigned his unspeakable creations to the farthest reaches of the final frontier, For Starfleet, it was only a matter of time. Most call them aliens. Some know them as the Elder Gods. In the time before time, they ruled the Earth. Now, the only thing that can stop their return is Captain Edwards and the crew of the USS Montana.
Cathedral in the Void


Captain Paul Edwards (Scott Martineck), Commander Darius Locke (Stephen Perkins), Lt. Commander Jack McGuire (Patrick McCray), Lt. Commander Thomas Plummer (Nathan Wolfenbarger), Dr. Kyle Wilson (Johannes McQuarry), Lt. Stephen Knight (James Francis), Lt. Susan Palmer (Etta Devine), Kelly Natukov (Tiffany Tallent), Ensign Peter Gilmore (Jim Manikas),Lt. Belknap (JB Crawford), Ensign Toyber (Matthew Tucker).


WRITER: David Raines
PRODUCERS: Sebastian Prooth and Patrick McCray
DIRECTORS: Patrick McCray
SOUND DESIGN: Mathieu Blondin
NARRATOR: Sean Burgos
ARTWORK: Andy Tyrer
MUSIC: Nox Arcana, Jerry Goldsmith, Dennis McCarthy, Micheal Giacchino and Kevin Manthei
DURATION: 55 Minutes
RELEASE DATE: May 10th, 2014


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  • john y. says:

    What happened to the original Capt. Edwards and Dr. Wilson?

  • John Y says:

    Why is episodes 8 & 9 not available?

    • Webmaster says:

      The link to episode 8 is now accessible on the web page. Episode 9 is being worked on

      • Erik DEMASY says:

        Hi, we are now in 2019, and a long time has passed since episode 8. I really love your work, but supposed you had stopped doing more episodes. Today I came back to your site and saw the reply “…and episode 9 is being worked on”. Is it still the case ? It’s not a problem for me if it takes 3 more years to complete, but I just want to know if there is still hope. Thanks for this wonderfull serie

        • Webmaster says:

          Hi Erik, Thank you for your interest in our production. Yes, the team has taken a hiatus that has turned to be very long. We have recently discussed next steps and will hopefully be able to announce something shortly.

  • kaching335 says:

    “This podcast is unavailable or has been deleted.”

  • Robert says:

    what happened that there is no recording to listen to ? this story and the very next one in line have no recording to listen to. can you please explain?

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