Episode 2: Integration

By July 27, 2008episodes
[fancy_header]SYNOPSIS[/fancy_header] Integration
Captain Edwards and the crew of the Montana face their toughest mission yet when they are accused of destroying a Klingon medical transport 72 years in the past. The Klingons want revenge! Can Edwards prove their innocence? Find out in this action packed adventure… ‘Death to the Butcher of Silgona!’

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[fancy_header]CAST[/fancy_header] Captain Paul Edwards (Tim Renshaw), Commander Darius Locke (Stephen Perkins)
Lt. Commander Thomas Plummer (Brian Bonner), Lt. Commander McGuire (Patrick McCray), Lt. Commander Kyle Wilson (Gabriel Diani), Lt. Stephen Knight (Scott Martineck), Ensign Susan Palmer (Etta Devine), Lt. Numi Natukov (Tomoko “Cookie” Leonard), General Kailagg( Brian Bonner), Admiral Shore (Tom Cook), Lohgagh (Scott Martineck), Starfleet Officer (Corinne Tandy), Klingon Weapons Officer (Andy Tyrer), Klingon First Officer (Patrick McCray), Ships Computer Voice (Cheralyn Lambeth).
[fancy_header]CREW[/fancy_header] AUTHORS: Sebastian Prooth, Patrick McCray and Andy Tyrer
DIRECTOR: Sebastian Prooth
ARTWORK: Andy Tyrer
DURATION: 39 Minutes
RELEASE DATES: 4th May 2008 / 27th July 2008


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